Sonim, di geshikhte fun a libe (Enemies: A Love Story) Yiddish Edition by Isaac Bashevis Singer


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Yiddish language edition

Isaac Bashevis Singer's classic novel "Sonim, di geshikhte fun a libe", for the first time in book format in its original language! The book, which was originally written as a serial in the Yiddish Forward, comes in a lush hardback edition with cover art by Yanai Segal. It was adapted into standard Yiddish by Mario Moishele Alfonso and edited by Emil Kalin and Nikolaj Olniansky. A must-have for all present and future Yiddish speakers!

In "Sonim, di geshikhte fun a libe" – an ode to the complicated postwar experience of Holocaust survivors – Isaac Bashevis Singer tells the story of Herman Broder, a man lost in his own indecisiveness and dishonesty. Almost before he knows it, Herman has three wives: Yadwiga, the Polish peasant who hid him from the Nazis, Masha, his beautiful and neurotic true love, and Tamara, his first wife, miraculously returned from the dead. But the difficulty of navigating his crowded personal life, as well as the general ambiguous experience of Yiddish New York after WWII, leaves Herman with a sense of perpetually impending doom.

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