Shloyml-Boyml un di Purim-avanture! bilingual edition by Yale Strom


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Bilingual Yiddish/English language edition

Yiddish translation by Nikolaj Olniansky

Our most beloved klezmer, Shloyml-Boyml returns in a new marvelous adventure! Last time around he single-handedly saved Chanukah, but this time he's the one in need of saving. One day Shloyml receives a letter from the Rebbe in Ștefănești inviting him and his band to play at the annual Purim party. So far so good, but the Rebbe has a special request, he wants the band to perform a new Purim song played on the violin, and as it happens, there's no fiddler in Shloyml's band. Thus commence a ferocious search for a new fiddler and sometimes salvation is waiting in the most unexpected of places. In other words; Get ready for a Purim party out of the ordinary!

Shloyml-Boyml un di purim-avanture is a bilingual book in Yiddish and English. Written by the famous klezmer genius Yale Strom and illustrated by the amazing artist Emil Singer-Fuer. Yiddish translation by Nikolaj Olniansky.

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