In Love and In Struggle: The Musical Legacy of the Jewish Labor Bund

$ 15.95


Audio CD

featuring Zalmen Mlotek, Adrienne Cooper, and Dan Rous with The New Yiddish Chorale and the Workmen's Circle Chorus


1. In Hope and Faith

2. Song of May

3. Barricades

4. Jewish Blacksmiths

5. No Sooner Do I Lie Down to Sleep in Struggle

6. My Testament

7. Vilna

8. In the Salty Sea

9. Rampage, Rampage, Raging Winds!

10. Working Women

11. In Every Street Hey, Hey, Down With The Police!

12. My Resting Place

13. The Wheels Turn Fast

14. Ballad of the Triangle Fire Song of the Triangle Fire Bread and Roses

15. The Future

16. Young Anthem

17. The Oath


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