From Sun to Sun by Kenneth Wishnia

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From Sun to Sun presents two parallel stories separated by twenty-five centuries: The first, set in modern New York City, features a hardworking, smart-mouthed Latina investigator, Felicity Ortega Pérez, as she hunts for a missing person who holds the clue to an ancient mystery. Little does she realize how deep the criminality goes and what she will learn about her own hidden past.

The ancient story is a radical revision of the biblical Book of Ruth: When her husband dies under strange circumstances, Ruth must join the exiles returning to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple in order to secure a future for herself and her grieving mother-in-law, Naomi. Unfortunately, the returning exiles include religious leaders who plan to "purify" the land by expelling all the foreign women.

From Sun to Sun is a tale of love, devotion, and sacrifice depicting the challenges facing two determined women as they confront ignorance, hatred, and indifference in their pursuit of justice—a seemingly endless struggle in a time of social upheaval, fluid identities, and diverse cross-cultural complexities. This novel is about who gets to decide who’s one of us and who’s a foreigner, and what it takes to prove you belong.

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