Di khavruse fun dem fingerl (The Fellowship of the Ring) in Yiddish by J.R.R. Tolkien


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Yiddish language edition translated by Barry Goldstein

"Eyn fingerl iber ale tsu hershn,
ale tsu gefinen,
eyn fingerl zey tsu zamlen,
inem fintsternish tsu bindn"

J.R.R. Tolkien's fantastic story "The Fellowship of the Ring", is now available in a lush hardback edition in Yiddish! Translated by one of the world's most active and appreciated Yiddish "tuers", Barry Goldstein.

This is the story about the unlikely hero - the friendly and righteous hobbit, Frodo Baggins - who inherits his uncles magical ring and suddenly finds himself in the most epic of adventures. In fact, the fate of the entire Middle-Earth now rests on his shoulders. The Lord of the Rings triology is the world's most famous fantasy adventure and the story about Frodo has spellbound and inspired millions of people around the globe.


Hardcover 2023

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