A mayse vegn Bodri by Hédi Fried


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Yiddish language text

Hédi loves her dog Bodri, and her best friend Marika too. She also loves Bandi, Marika's dog. Together they climb and run around, play and live in freedom in their little town. One day Hédi hears a man shouting on the radio in a foreign language. He is the leader of his country and has begun taking over other countries as well. His name is Adolf Hitler and suddenly everything changes.

This is a story about the Holocaust. A book for grownups to read aloud together with their children. The story about Hédi and her dog Bodri is based on the author's own experiences. It is a story written with a purpose - The coming generations have the right to know what happened during the Holocaust. It's also written with a conviction that they have the strength to build a better world.

"A mayse vegn Bodri" was written by Holocaust survivor Hédi Fried and illustrated by renowned Swedish artist Stina Wirsén. Translated to Yiddish by Nikolaj Olniansky and published in 2020 by Natur & Kultur.

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