The Poems of H. Leivick and Others, Translated from the Yiddish by Leon H. Gildin

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Translated from the Yiddish by Leon H. Gildin

In addition to the poems of H. Leivick this collection also features the work of Ephraim Auerbach, Yaacov Gladstein, Itzik Manger and Anna Margolin among others.

"Yiddish, a Germanic language, a thousand years of age, mixed with Hebrew, was truly an international language...Here in America the language was further developed by authors, poets, lyricists, motion pictures, newspapers and trade unions as well as business and industry. The fascinating thing is that the intellectual development of Yiddish was its use by the secular Yiddish speaking community. While the orthodox used Yiddish as a street language, the secular Yiddish speaking community created a culture second to none in the history of America immigration.

The poets included in this collection were also secular Jews whose work expressed their deep feeling and commitment to the Jewish people. This is a small, but important selection of the work of these poets." 

From the introduction by Leon H. Gildin

Paperback book 2015

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