Felix Lembersky: Paintings and Drawings

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Companion book for "Felix Lembersky: Soviet Form, Jewish Context" at the Yiddish Book Center Spring 2015.

Felix Lembersky (1913-1970) was among the most influential and vocal artists to challenge the absolute sovereignty of Soviet Socialist Realism in the 1950s and to open up new and independent possibilities for artmaking in Russia. His powerfully direct and masterful work show his absorption of the radical tenets of the avant-garde, both in Russia and abroad, while remaining firmly fixed on the social purposes that were his primary motivation.

This sensitively designed and fully illustrated bilingual volume is the first comprehensive monograph on an artist esteemed in Russia but relatively unknown outside its borders. Art historian Alison Hilton offers a perceptive analysis of Lembersky's career in the context of his peers, and his granddaughter and custodian of his legacy, architect Yelena Lembersky, gives a finely chiseled and deeply compelling account of his artistic life and preoccupations as he lived them. The book includes excerpts from primary documents and provides biographical and bibliographic data that make an invaluable introduction to scholars, students, and the general public.

Text in English and Russian 80+ color images

Hardcover 2009

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