Touching the Memory: Songs Remembered from a Childhood in Poland, performed by Rabbi Ben-Zion Gold, Audio CD

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All of the 25 songs and melodies sung by Rabbi Gold on this album were songs that he remembered from his youth. Jane Myers, who first met Rabbi Gold when she was a student at Harvard in the 1960s, began recording him in 1976 and continued until 2012, when he was 88 years old.

The album includes translations and transliterations as well as commentary about the songs’ origins.  Many of these tunes have not been recorded elsewhere. If not for Rabbi Gold’s survival and his prodigious musical memory, this music may have been lost forever.

About Rabbi Gold

Born in Radom, Poland, amidst the vibrant Jewish life of Poland at that time, Ben-Zion Zyserman received a traditional education in heder and yeshiva. He was the older son in a family whose lives followed the rhythm of the Jewish week and the yearly calendar. This life, along with the lives of all Jews in Eastern Europe, was destroyed by the Holocaust. He alone among his family survived.  In 1947, sponsored by the Jakob Gold family in Philadelphia, he came to America, where he attended college and was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary. By 1958 he was a rabbi at Harvard University and eventually was Director of Harvard Hillel until he retired in 1990.

Learn more about Rabbi Gold's life, his writings, and­­ his impact on Judaism at Harvard at


1         Nigun #1   0:39

2         An-im Z’miros  1:13

3         Ashreinu  0:51

4         Hamavdil  #1  0:55

5         Nigun #2  1:05

6         Pesah Nigun  2:20

7         Nigun for Psalm 30  3:19

8         Nigun #3   1:05

9         Modzhitzer Nigun  0:54

10       Kozhinitzer Nigun  1:16

11       Shoyn Nishto Kayn Nekhtn  0:42

12       Nigun #1, 2007  0:38

13       Modzhitzer Nigun, 2003 1:44

14       Macaronic Song   2:25

15       Az Ikh Volt Gehat Koyh   0:42

16       Im Amarti  0:56

 Includes12 additional songs and niggunim





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